General documents, journal articles, academic papers,  

       legal contract agreements, evaluation and assessment reports,  

       business documents, technical documents, industrial and  

       engineering translation, and economic and trade translation.


       Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation,  

       escort interpretation, interpretation at international trade  

       shows, press releases, business negotiation meetings,  

       and other medium to large conferences.


       Immigration documents, birth certificates, academic transcripts,         lease agreements, wills, work permits, residence permits,  

       and marriage certificates, etc. All documents are certified  

       by the court and are legally binding.

   ◇Languages category:

       English translation, Japanese translation, Korean translation,  

       French translation, German translation, Chinese to English  

       translation, English to Chinese translation, Chinese to Japanese  

       translation, Japanese to Chinese translation, and the switch  

       between traditional and simplified Chinese.